Universal Plaything

Has anyone ever felt as if the stars, planets, and moons are in a constantly cyclical game of tug-of-war with our energies and consciousness?

I can certainly feel a difference in my mood as the cosmos swirl and dance. We certainly have the power to create our own reality as we experience human life from our own particular perspective. However, I firmly believe there are unseen forces constantly pushing, pulling, manipulating, and overall screwing around with my energies!

Whether it’s the sun, planet, or moon consciousness aligning just right or some higher evolved being operating from a higher octave/frequency than us…It’s incredibly difficult to maintain course when the seas are continuously washing my ship in every which direction.

When I look up at the stars I can’t help but feel like they’re looking right back down at me with a ‘shit eating grin’ (pardon my French) as they watch me struggle through my daily human experience. I firmly believe that God Consciousness wants nothing more than to get to a point of 100% awakening across all of creation, and I know that if it were made to be easy nobody would really learn anything.

That being said…why do I feel like I’m playing the part in a universal comedy/drama like some sort of cosmic Truman Show?

Or….maybe it’s more like the Hunger Games, where the spirit realm watches us do crazy things while we scramble through life and we’re given hints and little care packages along the way so that we can hopefully survive at the end of the game?

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me that feels this way. I’m pretty sure most humans don’t really even take the time to think about their role/place within creation. Instead they take the easy road and absorb themselves in TV, internet, or worldly pursuits. Definitely not judging because I am well aware of how hard it is to stay focused on creating a just, honest, spiritually connected life of freedom from control.

Anyways…I’d be happy to hear others’ thoughts whether you agree or disagree. Everyone’s opinion is valid from your own perspective and I appreciate you taking the time to read my post.

Thanks for stopping by!

Best regards,

Dustin McMinn


In Search for Greatness

Why is the world such a lonely place even though it’s something I’ve helped to create?

Billions of people scrambling around obnoxiously trying to be like everyone else… I can’t help but feel like the only one with some sense to want to live life as it truly should be lived.

Lives are wasted away in the pursuit to be the best or have the most, when all they’re doing is making things so much harder than they need to be.

Fear and pain rule the world we currently live in but it doesn’t have to be this way… Society continues to dig its own grave with new and improved shiny new shovels, but they can stop if those choose to.

I have to believe there is SOMEONE out there who can see humanity, the world, and the cosmos for what it really is. I have to believe there is truth, integrity, and greatness embodied somewhere on this beautiful Earth.

The dream we weave together is an incredibly powerful one, but once you wake up from the dream it’s almost comical to watch how seriously some people take the dream. It would be more entertaining if it weren’t so frustratingly sad. To feel like the only one around who can see the forest through the trees is a lonely place.

To know…no matter what you say to them, they will never understand life’s intention until they are ready to do so on their own…is disheartening.

Things could be so easy and wonderful if everyone wasn’t so scared of everyone else. If humans could learn to trust each other, we could truly move forward at an unprecedented rate, while at the same time going back to the beginning before we lost our way.

We were there once. Nobody alive remembers it, but I have to believe we were living life’s true purpose at some point in “ancient history” (the quotations are because time is relative). I can only imagine how frustrated the rest of the universe must be with us humans. Although our history is but a blink of an eye from the outside looking in, I’d have to admit that we are definitely screwing this run-thru up right now.

Believe it or not, there are most definitely forces “out there” competing for Earth. We are a reflection of creation and life itself, and if we possess the capacity for cruelty, fear, anger, and sadness I can assure you it exists elsewhere as well. Of course, the creator(s) don’t want negativity to exist, but it’s usually best to let children work problems out and learn the hard way sometimes.

When I say I’m searching for “greatness” know that I mean that in my own sense. I’m not looking for a recipe for riches, fame, or glory. I’m looking for the recipe of life.

Greatness is truth, integrity, courage, honesty, and love. I certainly hope I’m not the only one who believes in greatness anymore…

If you’re out there…I can’t wait to meet you!! Until then…live well and keep that chin up. You’re not alone.

Identifying Feelings and Emotions

What are feelings and emotions?

Being an avid meditator, I’ve been working on becoming more familiar with my feelings and emotions for quite some time. However, being a male does seem to give me somewhat of a handicap. Anyone who knows me well (trust me the list is small), knows that I am unbelievably bad a expressing emotion and/or talking about how I’m feeling. My generation never spent much time talking about our feelings (ESPECIALLY MALES). If you get knocked down or hurt, you walk it off and suffer in silence…makes you stronger right?

Well, after decades of walking it off and pushing feelings way down deep, of course you become more resilient. You learn to adapt and overcome without letting emotions cloud your judgement. No wonder I joined the military! I was 19 years old, and one perfect unemotional hard-charging obedient Sailor, because that’s what I had been training for my whole life.

Nearly 15 years later, I’m still in the military and still just as bad at expressing emotions. Hell, I’m not even sure I’m capable of feeling them sometimes. However, every now and again I will feel a wave of emotion wash over me. It crashes over my head, encompassing my whole body, but then it washes away just as quickly as it came. I’m then left wondering, “What was that all about?” That’s my cue to shrug it off and keep pressing forward.

If it weren’t for meditation, I would probably continue this process indefinitely until my end of days. As I was meditating last night though, a thought occurred to me. What are feelings and emotions? Why do some people feel them much more intensely than others, and who’s the jerk along the way that told men to bury their emotions?

Are feelings and emotions nothing more than chemical reactions within the body triggered by stimulus? In most meditation we are told to observe feelings and emotions rather than identify with them. I am not my happiness, anger, or sadness…got it. What am I looking at when I observe my emotions though? Am I observing a chemical reaction within my body? Am I looking at some sort of interfering energy field that’s messing with my chakra flow?

We all know what feelings and emotions FEEL like, and it makes sense that they are triggered by reactions to personal interactions or external events. With a lot of practice they can be controlled but they are incredibly difficult to identify.

Maybe…just maybe…feelings and emotions are our higher self’s way of saying, “Hey dummy pay attention to what’s going on right now!” I will always believe that we are in our current state of existence (physically, mentally, and spiritually) in order to learn lessons and evolve as a species. Are emotions and feelings acting as markers indicating there is a lesson to be learned? Can the feeling of joy be a marker for a higher calling or life path? Does anger act as our friend to indicate a fear or sadness, and does that fear or sadness indicate an opportunity to forgive, let go, or heal?

I think the importance of understanding our feelings and emotions is vital to growth as a species. Instead of constantly reacting to emotions by rioting, sending an angry tweet/Facebook post, or crying yourself to sleep while eating a tub of ice cream watching Hallmark movies PLEASE try to take the time to observe the emotion rather than letting it identify you. While it is still unclear to me WHERE emotions come from, I wholeheartedly believe they certainly show up right on time for a reason.

I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on emotions? What has been your experience in the past? Have you learned anything about yourself by exploring your feelings and emotions?

Life’s Great Question

Why are we here?

It’s a question that has been asked since questions could be formed. Human beings are creatures subconsciously driven by a desire for purpose. Simply living is not enough for most. There MUST be a “why” behind existence. Countless religions have given their own interpretations of an answer throughout human history, and for many that answer is good enough. If broken down and analyzed, the question becomes much more complex than it appears on the surface.

First, where is “here”? Of course, “here” would mean something entirely different for each individual. Is it referring to a geographic location, a moment in time, or another dimension to which existence can be thought of to reside? For instance, one could ask, “Why are we on planet Earth and not on Mars?” Also, “Why do we live in the space/time dimension of reality that we currently believe ourselves to occupy?” Location is a relative term dictated by an individuals perception of “reality”. My “here” is different from your “here”. You get the point…

Second, who is “we”? Is “we” Human Beings, Americans, Africans, Earthlings, Sentient Beings? What group a person choses to identify with is a completely personal and individual choice. In fact, people are beginning to harness the power of personal choice in modern society and openly express the “we” they choose to identify with. I could write a whole other post on “identity” but that is for another time… The point is, which “we” a person chooses to identify with may change the answer to the question. That is, unless all of existence exists for the same exact reason…don’t think we’ll know for sure for a very long time.

Third, what does the word “are” imply? “Are” can be defined as, “second person singular present and first, second, third person plural present tense of the verb ‘be’.” “Be” can be defined as, “exist” or “to be present”. Are all human beings in the same state of existence? Are all human beings even aware of their current state of existence (i.e. being present)? How can someone ask for an answer to explain their current state of existence if they’re not present enough in the current moment to realize what that state actually looks like. Modern society is certainly not the place for being present in the moment as human beings seem to only want to go faster and faster towards the future while hauling luggage full of the past. First, one has to accurately assess their current state of existence before they can ask why they are there.

Finally, the crux of life’s ultimate question. What is the purpose behind whatever your current state of being is in its particular location in time/space or space/time? Is the “why” something that can be changed, or is there a plan set in place for every spec of existence that will play out eventually regardless of interactions? Can human beings choose our own purpose, or are we destined to search for, and seek out, one particular predetermined life purpose? Clearly, there are particular architypes who tend to gravitate towards particular life purposes such as art, religion, spirituality, fitness, military service, or financial power.

Some say, “You know when you’ve found your purpose when you can wake up passionate to be doing whatever it is that you’re doing with your life.” A “life’s calling” seems to be something that has to be felt by the individual rather than being measured by an outside observer. I heard a podcast earlier today in which a very good question was posed that is designed to lead individuals toward their passion. It is, “If you had all the money and time in the world to do whatever you wanted, what would you do?”

That being said, if the “why” behind existence is such a personal question, then how can we apply it to all of existence or even human beings for that matter? I propose a simple three part answer to the question that can be applied to each individual as they see fit.

Why are we here?

  1. We are here to learn (i.e. grow).
  2. We are here to love (ourselves and each other).
  3. We are here to experience each and every moment of existence from our unique perspective thus contributing to the collective consciousness (i.e. God consciousness)… ok maybe that one wasn’t so simple…

There is no right or wrong answer to the question because it means something different for everyone. So tell me, why do you think we are here?

Born a Wanderer Vs. Homesteader?

I’m sure most of you have seen the bumper sticker or t-shirt titled, “Not all of those who wander are lost”. That begs the question of who considers themselves a wanderer, and how would you describe those who are not wanderers? Also, what characteristics make a wanderer versus characteristics of “non-wanderers”?

Coming from a psychology educational background, I tend to group people into categories based on their observed traits and characteristic personalities. For the purposes of this post (discussing travel), I’d like to focus on what I see as two distinct types of humans.

There are those whose goal in life is to settle down and create a permanent home for their future generations. These individuals find a comfortable place where they can grow deep roots, and they hardly stray far from wherever their homestead may reside. For the sake of simplicity, we can call these people homesteaders. From what I can tell, it seems that most Americans (in previous generations) have been bred to have homesteading as their primary goal in life.  They get a good job, build a house for your family, and grow old in that same house before passing it onto your children. “Legacy” is the name of the game for homesteaders.

On the opposite end of the spectrum you have people, like me, who seem destined from birth to wander the Earth in a never-ending search for new people, places, and ideas. To a wanderer, the thought of growing roots echoes like a recurring stress dream and reaching past the horizon seems to be their highest ambition. A wanderer’s heart aches for adventure while material possessions seem to extend to the bare necessities needed for survival.

I definitely do not advocate for one type of person over another. We cannot change the heart that we were born with, as we were born with our passions for a reason. Without any mental reservation, I wholeheartedly claim the title of wanderer. I believe that much of what goes into creating a wanderer or homesteader depends on what environment a person is born into. People whose parents are wanderers most likely will also be as such and vice versa.

The vast majority of my life has been spent rooted in Texas and Florida, so it’s probably safe to use the southeastern area of the U.S. as my reference point. I grew up as an Air Force brat and joined the Navy about two years after graduating high school. Even when I lived in one state for a while, I found myself moving around within that state. The constant changing of scenery and environments throughout my life has made it incredibly difficult for me to remain sedentary for extended periods of time.

That being said, the four states/countries that I have lived in (for a year or more) include: California, Texas, Florida, England, and Germany. The states/countries in which I have visited include: Hawaii, Rhode Island, Illinois, Kentucky, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Maine, France, Italy, Sicily, Bulgaria, Guam, Japan, Thailand, Germany, Mexico, and the Bahama Islands. If the planet had corners, I could say that I had traveled to all of them.

I also believe that it’s important for a person to understand which type of heart they possess. Do you possess the heart of a wanderer or a homesteader? Do you relish in the comforts of home, or do you yearn for new experiences and environments to explore? Knowing the answer to these sorts of questions will aid you in designing your present and future life. It will also help you understand where you came from and the decisions you make about your life.

Nature’s Secrets

When is the last time you’ve stopped what you are doing to listen to a bird’s song? When you feel a soft breeze caressing your skin, do you take the time to listen for Mother Nature’s whisper? Upon hearing an animal’s cry in the night, do you wonder what emotions they’re experiencing? If not, I implore you to do so. That is the only way you can truly learn the lessons that the Earth is desperately trying to teach you.

I have been a lover of nature my entire life, but it isn’t until recently that I really understood why. I knew that I enjoyed wide-open spaces and the peace and quite that inherently comes when deeply engulfed in nature’s presence. I also knew that there was something more to what I was experiencing, but I never really took the time to quiet myself long enough to figure it out.

Throughout the years I have been so focused on trying to figure this whole “adulting” thing out that I had forgone any further exploration of nature’s universal truths. I basically stored my desire to know Mother nature in my back pocket for later use. It wasn’t until I read, How to Know Higher Worlds by Rudolf Steiner, that the desire to get to know her was rekindled.

Interestingly enough, the day after I had decided to lean my ear a little closer into nature’s voice, a beautiful bird moved into the tree next to my driveway. It was as if she was waiting for me to be ready, and, when I was, she sent a little messenger. Now, every time I pull into my driveway or walk out of my house, I get to hear this beautiful creature singing to me. As I listen to her words, I can hear the others throughout the neighborhood responding with their own beautiful voices.

I find myself listening to the breeze with the intent to collect as many faint whispers into my ears as they can handle. I quiet my mind and let her lead me where she wants to go. When I hear an animal cry from a distance I can’t help but stop to wonder what they are thinking or feeling. At first glance, it might seem that all of the attention I am spending on my old friend would be extremely taxing. However, it is one of the most liberating feelings I have experienced, apart from when I first began practicing meditation.

Every outdoor walk has become an adventure. It’s as if I am on a proverbial Easter egg hunt for secrets and knowledge given abundantly by the beauty surrounding me. My heart yearns constantly to be outside in the sunlight or starry night. It’s as if I am not fully alive unless I’m surrounded by the universal Love that is freely given by Mother Nature. I’m hoping that one day she’ll stop using mosquitos as little heat-seeking messengers, but, besides them, I feel as if every animal, plant, and sea is a long-lost friend whom I am thrilled to embrace.

I am the type of person who has always thought these experiences were only for the most enlightened individuals. I will tell you right now that it is so much easier than you think to learn the secrets that nature is trying to show you. All you have to do is open up and listen.  Don’t just listen for sound, but listen for emotions. Listen for the feelings invoked by nature’s voice. Nature is capable of just as much emotion as you and I, and it’s important to get to know her as you would a loved one.

The next time you are outside getting some fresh air, I urge you to listen with intent to the environment surrounding you. Listen with your heart and soul and feel what nature feels. For thousands of years humans have used Mother Nature as their trusted teacher and advisor. We have lost our intimate connection with her, and it’s time we regain it by opening up our hearts to the Earth’s angelic voice.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on Mother Nature’s secrets. Does anybody else experience her calling? Even if you think I’m crazy, I’d like to get your point of view.

What, if anything, have you learned from listening to nature?















Succumb: Life’s Greatest Choice

Every day we humans are faced with thousands upon thousands of, mostly subconscious, choices to make. This great multitude of choices all have one central commonality. They are all based on a decision of what you will succumb to at that moment in time.

Will you succumb to the alarm waking you up, or will you succumb to the sleepiness you feel as you drift back to sleep?

Will you succumb to your sweet tooth telling you to eat that donut for breakfast, or will you succumb to your conscience telling to grab something healthy instead?

When stuck in traffic, will you succumb to anger as you abuse your car’s horn, or will you succumb to your higher-self noticing the gorgeous sunrise you now get to watch?

I’m sure you get the point. Succumbing is in our nature. Our free will allows us to choose, moment by moment, what we will succumb to. This choice helps to define who we are as a person, and it helps us to craft our soul from the clay of life.

There is great power involved with succumbing to our higher values and tendencies. It is the choice that no one can make for us, but it is a choice that affects everything in the environment around us. In fact, what you choose to succumb to on a daily basis has the tendency to affect the entire Universe. Make the choice wisely each time you catch yourself making the decision to succumb.

Training ourselves to succumb to positive influences and attributes is one of the hardest aspects of this human life. However, that choice is the greatest reflection of free-will that a person can make. If you are ever feeling like a prisoner, trapped in a certain situation or environment, always remember that you have the freedom to succumb to whatever you wish. Nobody can take that away from you.

Succumb, it is a beautiful, powerful, and dangerous word. It holds more power and meaning than most when it is consciously acted upon. Choose wisely my friends.

I’d like to know what you notice yourself succumbing to on a daily basis? Is it something that you consciously think about? Are there aspects of yourself that you wish you would succumb to more often or less often?

What are your thoughts on the power of such a small word as succumb?

via Daily Prompt: Succumb

Getting the Readers Talking

When it comes to blogging, I am about as green as it gets. I’ve had a lot of great help getting started, and I’d like to pay that forward. Thanks again for all of the people reading this that have given me advice! I am, by no means, a super-famous blogger, but I wouldn’t have even been on the right track if it weren’t for the help of my fellow bloggers.

Suggestion 1: Know your Audience

Any writer, no matter what forum, should write with their particular audience in mind. You have to know who you are writing to and what they might be interested in reading. Reading other articles related to the same/similar topics might help you get an idea of what people are interested in. You might also be able to see how other authors were able to suck people into their conversations.

Once you figure out exactly what you want to talk about, you have to frame it properly. If you fill your article with jargon that only a select group of people understand, then that select group of people are probably going to be the only ones to read it. When you’re fishing for an audience you have to use a bait that the largest number of “fish” are going to grab onto.

To put is simply, know who it is you’re trying to start a conversation with, and write as if you were walking up to them on the street to talk.

Suggestion 2: Have a Conversation with your Readers

This is the suggestion that I had the hardest time learning at first. I had so many great ideas that I just wanted to share with the world. I wanted people to think and talk about what I was writing. I had great content and ideas, but I was framing it like a book instead of a blog. Writing a blog is definitely different from writing a book, which is what my fellow bloggers helped me to figure out.

Write as if you are having a conversation with your readers instead of just ramming information/ideas down their gullet. Frame your article around a question, or ask the readers questions throughout. A conversation has to go back and forth, and the best way to do that is through questions. What do you think? Don’t necessarily write metaphorical questions either. Write actual questions that you would like an answer to.

You could also suggest thinking points and ask the readers to give their opinion on those points. Whatever you do, you need to get the readers involved in the conversation. This might mean that you need to literally ask for comments at the bottom of your post. Then you can express your interest in their opinion by saying something along the lines of, “I really look forward to reading your response” or “I am very interested to see what you think.” Blogging is about communicating ideas, and effective communication involves a constant flow back and forth between receiver and transmitter.

Suggestion 3: It’s All About the Layout

When you first begin your blog you’re probably going to play around with layouts before you finally find one that works for you. I think it took me 3 or 4 tries to finally land on one and stick with it. Whichever one you choose, make sure that it is user-friendly for your readers. Ensure that the “Comment” link is easily accessible, and make sure that your blog layout isn’t too cluttered and hard to navigate.

Also, you might want to think about choosing a layout that only shows the casual browser a portion of your article. For one, this can act as a good teaser to draw certain readers into certain articles. It also makes the page easier to scroll through and leave comments on applicable posts. For instance, one of my first few layouts I tried had the “Comment” link all the way at the top of each article. The articles were also fully displayed, and therefore the reader had to scroll all the way to the top, after reading the article, to find the “Comment” link. It’s no wonder I wasn’t getting any comments for, what seemed like, forever.

Suggestion 4: Use Community Pool

I will tell you that posting in the Community Pool saved my blog from eternal deletion. If you’re new to blogging and haven’t gotten onto The Daily Post: Community Pool, then you are missing out. The link for it is: Community Pool. When I first started blogging I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t succeeding in any way with my blog, and, to my surprise, I was flooded with amazing advice from fellow bloggers.

The Community Pool is where bloggers go to get help and help each other. However, the rule is, if you receive help then you have to help another as well. In the Community Pool you can post an article that you’ve written and get people’s opinion about it. Make sure to ask for comments specifically. This can help you gauge your writing skills and topics to choose from. There is a huge crowd in the Community Pool just seemingly waiting to give people advice about their blogging.

One thing to note is, when you ask for comments in the Community Pool, make sure you ask readers to leave comments in the comments section of the article. If they leave a comment in the Community Pool, the greater audience of readers may not be able to see it. This not good because, when people see others commenting on your article, they are much more likely to join in on the commenting.

Final Suggestion: Read Others’ Blogs and Leave Your Link

Everybody wants to have their blogs read, but if you only worry about your own blogs, you’re probably not going to get many followers. Go and browse other blogger’s articles and maybe find other people with similar tastes/opinions as you. Read their article and leave a comment. You know, they say “Treat others the same way you want to be treated”. That applies to blogging too.

When you do leave comments on other people’s blogs, make sure you leave them a way to find your blog easier. You can do this by including your blog’s link and signing your comment. I’ll show you what I mean at the end of this article.

I hope these suggestions can help somebody improve their blog and get people commenting. Having discussions with people all over the world is an exciting adventure, and you never know where it might take you. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not an overnight sensation when you start your blog. Give it time and follow other blogger’s advice. You’ll do just fine.

Please, fellow bloggers, feel free to add any suggestions or ideas in the comments section. I would love to answer any questions you might have regarding my suggestions. I look forward to hearing what you think as well as any results you might have had after using the suggestions.

I’d like to thank fellow blogger, Robin, for motivating me to write this article and for all of her help with getting my blog on its feet. You can find her at: https://robinbrodrick.com . She’s got some great articles so make sure to drop by and visit her blog.

Bon Voyage,

Dustin\ unityofunderstanding.wordpress.com

Congratulations You’re Athletic; Now what?

Being considered athletic most certainly has its benefits in modern society. I’m sure that, in the caveman days, it was essential for survival to be athletic. However, I believe that modern society has placed far too great an emphasis on athleticism. What is its purpose?

Before you think that I’m a nerdy jock-basher, you should know that, until recently, I was an athlete all of my life. I played sports from the moment I could walk, and even as an adult I was a die-hard Crossfitter in the Military. I was always looking for the next workout and enjoyed the rush of lifting weights. It wasn’t until I had a rough tumble with some medical issues that I began to ask the question. What is the point of being athletic?

Sure, being athletic might make you more attractive, but in the grand scheme of life does that really matter? Being athletic may make you more effective at dealing with physically demanding emergency situations, but, in the world we live in, the need for that skill is diminishing (unless of course you’re a first responder). Being athletic will make you better at sports, but what good does it do you after you can no longer play sports?

I firmly believe in exercising to maintain a healthy body and mind. I know, without a doubt, that exercising makes me feel 100% better than when I sit around lazily. To what end is a person exercising for health or exercising for athleticism? What are people trying to improve their athleticism for? Does having 3% body-fat help you with your daily life? Does being able to jump 5 ft. in the air and run like a cheetah allow you to perform you daily tasks more effectively?

America is a Nation that has become obsessed with the fitness movement. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements telling us that we must look and perform like athletes. When, hardly a fraction of society actually have any intentions of becoming professional athletes. So really, what is the point of the average person being athletic?

I say be healthy, happy, and focus on building your heart and mind. Those are tools that you can carry with you forever. Athleticism of the soul will never fade. Find a balance between diet, exercise, and thirst for life that will carry you everywhere you go. If you are an athlete, then sure, make athleticism your goal, but most people will find themselves more fulfilled in the long-term if they make balance their goal. I’m not talking about improving physical balancing skills (although that can reduce risk of injury). I’m taking about finding balance in your life between exercise, love, and doing what you truly care about.

On the other hand, who am I? That’s just the opinion of a former athlete reformed… You do you.

via Daily Prompt: Athletic

Finding Beauty in the Ordinary

Oft in streets or humblest places
I detect far wandered graces,
Which from Eden wide astray
In lowly homes have lost their way. -Ralph Waldo Emerson


What is beauty?

Where do you find it, and how do you become it?

Beauty does not depend on anything you can buy, wear, or make. Although, those things can be beautiful. In fact, it is often a lack of effort that makes the most beautiful things what they are. It’s because the beauty of what is natural cannot be matched. That which has been created by the Universe cannot be equaled.

It is fortunate for humans that we are part of that creation. For, the Moon could be our mother and the Sun our father. The stars could be our brothers and sisters, and the far away galaxies could be our aunts and uncles. We are all made from the same materials, and it is the same energy that binds us together.

The space between us is only an illusion. Every action in our present lives produces an effect upon every element throughout every Universe. How beautiful we small humans are to be made of the same elements as the Heavenly Bodies! How lucky we are to be a part of this Universal Family!

Please keep this in mind when you proceed throughout your day. Take the time to contemplate the beauty of everything around you, and take the time to contemplate the beauty of yourself. Look into your own eyes, or the eyes of a stranger. See the Universe expressing itself in human form. Look at the sky, the Earth, the smallest insect, blade of grass, or soaring bird, and realize the beauty of our connectedness.

Scientists say that if you took all the empty space out of every atom of every human being on the planet, all of humanity would fit into the space of a sugar cube. I choose to believe that because to me that is beautiful. It shows that all of the aspects of each other, that we use to differentiate ourselves, do not actually exist. Everything that we can consciously perceive is made mostly out of empty space bound together by the force of infinite, unconditional Love.

We have been created perfectly imperfect for a reason. Without our faults and follies we could not learn the lessons that we came here to learn. However imperfect a person might be, remember that they are made that way for a reason. Everyone has lessons to learn, and everyone is made out of the same beautiful intelligent energy. That is my answer to what beauty is.

Now my answer to the question of where to find beauty is much simpler. It is everywhere!

How do you become beauty? You notice that you are already beautiful. You become that which you accept. Accept the beauty within every cell of your being, and you will become beauty. Accept the unconditional love that surrounds you on a daily basis and you will become beauty.

We can all get better at stopping to admire the beauty of Nature. It takes daily dedication, but I can’t think of anything better to dedicate yourself to. Our imperfections may sometimes make our lives more challenging, but that in itself is beautiful because each challenge is an opportunity to grow. It’s a chance to slowly chip away at our cocoon until we are finally able to stretch our beautiful wings.

Please share your thoughts regarding how you would answer the two questions I have posed.

What is beauty?

Where do you find it, and how do you become it?